Professional Manned Guarding Across Newtonards

Our Security Guarding & Patrolling Officers can cater for any scenario. They are SIA trained, with experience to identify, respond and handle any situation. A Manned Guarding specialist, our security guards can help control environments quickly and professionally.

  • Static Guards
  • Corporate Security
  • Security Patrols
  • Community

Our Security Officers have the right temperament and experience to handle any awkward or developing situations, known to potentially turn ugly very quickly.

Professional Manned Guarding across Newtonards

Our Security Services in Newtonards

Static Guard Services across Newtonards

Static Guards in Newtonards BT23, BT22

Gibbsec Security Solutions provides specialised static guard services across Newtonards. Our security officers are fully trained, licensed and accredited and are qualified in a range of services. Our static guard and security gate teams will ensure your Newtonards property remains safe and secure. They help to reduce risk, increase and improve security and can have a positive effect on insurance compliance and the local community. We offer our professional static guard services for all types of commercial, industrial and private properties regardless of the size.

Corporate Security in Newtonards BT23, BT22

We are aware of the concerns and issues that commercial security can throw at you. With our highly experienced team, we are confident we can offer a tailor-made corporate security solution. Our professional security solutions cover business and commercial buildings. Whether it is for your office building, a warehouse or retail outlets, we provide specialised corporate security across a wide range of businesses 24/7. We also provide Reception/Concierge security services. Having the right Front of House Staff is crucial to any business that is looking to set the right first impression.
Corporate Security Services across Newtonards
Security Patrol Service across Newtonards

Security Patrols in Newtonards BT23, BT22

Uniformed and tactical patrolling is the most widely used form of patrol. We provide a highly trained and fully qualified team for your commercial premises, for when a visible presence is needed. We offer Physical patrols and Mobile Patrols. Physical Patrolling involves checking a home, business or retail outlet to ensure it is secure. Patrolling is needed during times of inactivity and non-occupation both day and night. They occur randomly and this reduces the possibility of it being timed by criminals, making them an even stronger deterrent. Mobile patrols provide a regular, physical security presence and will ensure that your site is monitored and controlled when requested and at different times of day and night. Should we disturb a criminal in the act, all our Security Officers are fully trained in conflict resolution and crime scene management, thereby ensuring any evidence is preserved for the police investigation and for insurance purposes.


If you are looking to improve a business/residential area or housing estate, you need a dynamic and effective community security presence that will be the "eyes and ears" of the community, recording, reporting and resolving issues where possible.

All our officers are highly trained, fully licensed and accredited and have extensive experience and knowledge in security and risk mitigation.

Having a community security presence can lead to a dramatic reduction in incidents such as serious and petty crime, vandalism and shoplifting.

Community Security Services across Newtonards

Why Choose Us For Your Manned Security In Newtonards?

  • Fully Trained, Licensed And Accredited
  • Industry Experience Across Multiple Sectors
  • Extensive Security And Risk Mitigation Experience
  • We Operate Nationally And Internationally
  • Tailored Security Solutions To Suit All Clients
  • High Quality Service You Can Rely On
  • All Our Security Officers Are SIA Licensed
  • UK Law And Regulations Compliant
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